Content Creation is one of the Keys to Getting Quality traffic to your website

So if you want to conquer that Traffic Iceberg we mentioned in our previous blog about the 9 Best Ways to Get Traffic to your Website. One of the biggest ways to get traffic is having great content whether that is writing or visuals both are just as important as each other in some respects with people increasingly having a low attention span and being visually stimulated ( a consequence of social media!). What content you do put out has to be enticing, you do that with powerful headlines and then it’s like telling a story that engages with the audience that was looking for what you were trying to keyword rank for!

If you are directing the traffic to a sales page then not only do you need to be good at graphics for the visual side, you need to be persuasive and know about copy writing.

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Word of warning: You may need to master content creation and promotion to get FREE TRAFFIC

From researching and writing great content to making appealing and attractive images, these are dead important. In particular, images when you are aiming for attention from social media audiences like FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube – all need to be spot on.

You really do need good enticing images, pins, and attractive Youtube thumbnail images to get attention amongst all the noise out there and you also need the engagement after that initial click or else it will just get clicked off!

So as you can see, the big questions you need to ask are:

Can you manage so many strands to succeed? are you good at writing? copyrighting? Can you design stunning graphics and images? can you make a visual copy to go with the main written or spoken content ( more specifically relevant to YouTube)? Can you do all these areas alone? if you cannot manage it all, Can you hire people to do it for you, and can you afford those additional costs?

Now you get the picture about our previous blog when we said getting the traffic isn’t so important. If the traffic doesn’t like the destination i.e. your content they won’t stick around and immediately leave! That is the sad reality folks.

However, good news here because in our course, we cover How to create content using several powerful tools that will make the whole process really easy and stressfree and one of those tools and methods even is $0.00 – free and doesn’t involve you even writing a single word except the words “Click here”. And, it doesn’t involve Fivver in case you are wondering.

Wow, you must be all saying. Yes, that’s right. In our course, we will teach and reveal to you these unique and new on the market invaluable tools. So if you are interested, please sign up for our course and be notified of when it launches (you may even be emailed a special discount coupon if you get in early)!

Now, we haven’t even delved into social media promotion, that’s just the content headache we were referring to, lol.
Sorry we are being silly again. Don’t worry like we said just now there is way out and we will reveal that in our course. So stay tuned for that.

Ultimately, content and in particular Unique Content is king and it is far harder than managing social media, (which also isn’t easy to coordinate). Remember social media, Pinterest, Youtube, and FB marketing or ads do all need great graphics too. We will reveal even more tools than the ones we just mentioned above to help on these social media platforms in our new course.

To wrap it up, once again we cannot pretend that there are no headaches involved in the business of generating FREE traffic. The content creation is a real pain and time-consuming part.

However, since we know that pain, we have come up with 3 great solutions to this in our course, and will totally help to make it easy and fast. We got these great tools to help you achieve the content creation objective of the FREE traffic puzzle.

It won’t do all the work for you, there is no such thing as a robot that can do all these things but there is a way you can bypass content creation if you don’t have to rely on FREE Traffic and if you are willing to pay for traffic, and that is doing the ads ways on the social media platforms which for beginners isn’t an option. Ads can be extremely expensive to run and for newbies, it can get you into major debt! Pretty much like the gif below unless you have too much money to burn, it’s not a good one to do unless you are a FB ads expert.

However, again in our course, we have 1 super fantastic tool that will help you prevent that burning money away approach or the money going down the Ad drain and scattergun approach (whichever visual you have in mind, neither are good). No more test after test, wasting money on different ads. We will show and teach you how to zone in only on the successful money spending audiences and deliver ads that make money. This will save you thousands.

Again, if you are eager to learn more please sign up for the course which will be extremely affordable. As we stated throughout we are not here to scam or rip off anyone. We believe you all should get great value which is our mission.

In our next blog post though, we will look into how to monetise your traffic and going for the quicker Non FREE traffic path…so stay tuned for that.

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