9 Best Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

In our previous blog post, (which we have accidentally deleted instead of cloning, we clicked rewrite and republish, argghh this is the problem when you try to break up long blog posts into shorter ones).

Anyway, let us not digress – so in that post we mentioned that the most essential component of any successful online business is You need to know how to get traffic to your website and of course how to fully monetize that traffic when it does come your way!

As you can clearly see from the screenshot I took off google, there are a lot of people asking about this every day. About 1,740,000,000 results (0.52 seconds) to be precise. Wow. This is surely a massive problem for people to get their heads around.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be just about how to get traffic, people should also ask why the traffic they do get doesn’t stick around (if they happen to get it). Obviously, there is no point wasting all that effort and hard work and in some cases money, if you don’t know how to capture the trickle or avalanche of visitors and convert them into actual customers. Many people miss this crucial point and all the strategy and plan of action beyond just getting the traffic (it seems to be an obsession).

The big advice here is to put together a plan to deal with that traffic when it does hit your site so you fully take advantage of it and make it totally count. We will cover a traffic module in our course (launching soon – please sign up here if you are interested in knowing details about it) that will help you have a way to manage it strategically and therefore never waste it.

With regards to this post, we won’t be delving into that since the question was How to get traffic to my website or blog? So here are our best tips and advice to get traffic.

9 Traffic Tips

  1. A well-researched, keyword-targeted blog post or article. Rinse and repeat. Aim for as many high-quality blog posts as you can.
  2. An SEO structured blog page using headlines and paragraphs that contain the keywords you want to rank for based on the Keyword research.
  3. Aim for a decent amount of words in each paragraph
  4. An accompanying YouTube video based on your blog post also featuring on your blog post. This again helps with Google to rank you in the search engines.
  5. Social media profiles and accounts related to your Niche and all connected to your blog/site
  6. social media profiles above give you backlinks to your blog so utilize these free accounts (easy to create)
  7. So syndicate those blog posts to every social media account and Blitz those social media profiles with your posts. Get as many eyeballs on them and share like mad.
  8. Add Appealing images when posting to social media, ones that do the trick, get people curious enough to click it and learn more. In Pinterest text of the actual blog content on the image as an overlaid does tend to get clicks (then traffic back to your site).
  9. Viral content and lots of likes, repins, reshares, retweets all help improve social proof and backlinks which again all help to increase your ranking in the first pages of Google and YouTube for your Niche.

    We have given you our best tips, but honestly, this is just the tip of the Traffic iceberg! We could write on it a lot more but then we might be dumb and try to break it up and lose it all -oops! For today’s post, I think that is more than enough to get on with. We will go into more tactics in our course and in more detail including tools and software you should be using. For now and for free, if you do the above constantly and consistently, you will no doubt get a ton of “Free Traffic”!.
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Photo by Simon Berger on Pexels.com

There are some specific and very powerful tactics you will need and can apply for each of the above and particularly focus now on the latter points to help you succeed. As social media is where a lot of eyeballs are at these days and it can be a great source of continued traffic to your website especially if you consider Youtube and Pinterest ( a visual version of Google)

Above all, the ideas above do require hard work, initiative, and getting off your butt! Without effort, action, and time there are no rewards for people who choose the FREE traffic path. However, it is possible if you stay focused and determined and put in the effort 100%.

One last thing before we go and cry about that lost content post, we have one very important part of the traffic puzzle and that is CONTENT (hence why we are a little bit upset, was a silly mistake!). Without quality and relevant content that matches those keywords you plugged into the headlines, you are going to get into trouble and lots of people clicking off! So be warned. We suggest you now read this blog post Content is King about The importance of mastering Content Creation and putting out great content.

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