Firstly, we need to get one thing out of the way before we can start this post…

If you read our previous blog post you will know that Traffic is one of the most important things you need to start banking cash online. 🤩

Now, we got that or mastered it. We can look at the stuff below.

Making Money Online Is All about Traffic and Monetisation of that Traffic

Once you have got the traffic coming towards you and your site! You can do these things to turn it into money. We highlight the ways below with some main pros and cons. You can direct the traffic in 3 ways:

Being an Affiliate

  • Being an affiliate and promoting other people’s products whether that is a physical thing or of a digital nature.
  • Using affiliate links, is essentially Affiliate Marketing.
  • You can earn high commissions for this.
  • The digital products are typically EBOOKs, Courses, and Online Coaching Programmes.
  • You can find most of these on Clickbank. It connects product vendors of digital goods with an army of money-hungry digital/Internet marketers.

Selling Physical Products Online

  • E-commerce /selling physical products
    using your own storefront done on popular e-commerce shop builders like Shopify (paid) or Woo-commerce (free for WordPress sites).
  • Increasingly, people will turn to Amazon – the largest marketplace in the world.
    Jeff Bezos the owner (the richest man on earth) knows his e-commerce platform is the place to be if you want to sell. But, it is also highly competive and you to know how to rank in the product feed to be successful.
  • Other options, include Etsy, eBay in the western world. In the Eastern world, there is a load of other companies that will be for another topic!
  • FBA or fulfillment by Amazon allows you to store your physical goods at Amazon’s warehouses
  • FBA ships all your orders out for you.
  • A hassle-free and fully automated system that churns out cash 24/7 365 days for you
    (once the set up is done correctly).
  • The only issue is a lot of costs to get it started.
    Plus customer service and returns but that can be solved with chatbots and can be outsourced.

Selling Info or Digital Products Online

  • So once again, the digital products are typically EBOOKs, Courses, and Online Coaching Programmes and Software.
  • This is the preferred option to make money online as it is easy to deliver things virtually.
  • There is no stock and warehouses, dealing with suppliers and vendor platforms like Amazon
  • All the stuff you are selling are hosted on servers that can be sent digitally via an ebook, video course, or live webinars.

Blogging or Vlogging or YOUTUBE

  • Have a successful blog or
  • YouTube channel filled with great, engaging content!
  • You can make money on Ad revenue from Adsense and premium ad Networks.
  • You can promote affiliate offers all day where there is an opportunity in the blog posts or video! you can also earn from being sponsored for your video if you have enough views.


These would be the 4 main ways, people make money online.

To dig deeper, sign up for our course which teaches you everything you need to know with an extra component (in our over the shoulder videos and ebooks). You will be taught about the correct way to tackle all the ways to make money mentioned above.

Crucially, we look at smarter ways to make money online from all the methods with the best and latest software (all tested).

We believe it is not about just giving you the basic methods which typically these courses do. We know as been through enough of them!

We want to change it up in our course and provide better preparation for a real scalable online business.

Anyway, lets get back to the post and not digress here!

You should focus on just one option first. Most people starting out do start with affiliate marketing and then maybe a simple Ebook. As you gain more confidence and experience, employ all 4 options and then be super ambitious! Just make sure you have the strategy and correct software in place before you branch out in all directions. Our course will tell you this fully!

Once, you have figured out the game, there is no reason why all 3 cannot exist together. They can all complement each other if you want to really make a killing online. Remember, you need time and commitment, and passion to succeed if you want to go down the FREE Traffic route. And cash if you don’t! We can teach you some tactics here on how later.

However, we have to agree that cash paid in into your online business will be an initial start-up investment cost that will definitely pay back and more, if the right methods and tools are employed.

This is how we have internet millionaires (the genuine ones not the guru types).

There is every reason you can also become a real internet millionaire. If you are serious and READY to invest in proven systems, and software tools to help you grow your sales.

In anything that involves selling and getting sales. You need to be good at convinving people they need what you are selling. Many successful entrepreneurs online will tell you the importance of writing great copy. By the way, that $7 book, written by a successful Click Bank millionaire covers everything you need to know about how to write great copy to succeed online.

Learning how to use your pc or smartphone to make money online?