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I want to make Money Online but I am not having success - WHY?

To be successful, you need to PUT IN GREAT CONTENT Consistently

Can Internet Marketing help me achieve a Passive income?

YES, you can become an AFFILIATE Marketer/Do AFFILIATE MARKETING. Promote other people's products whether that is digital or physical.
These are some of the way to do this is via a BLOG, PPC, FB ADs, YOUTUBE VIDEO Marketing, Instagram, PINTEREST

What is Internet Marketing in a Nutshell?

Internet Marketing is simply marketing using the internet. Instead of direct face-to-face sales, you use the internet to hit your prospects.

Is it really possible to make a Recurring Income for LIFE?

Yes, if you create something that internet marketers need.
This can be anything from designing a piece of software that helps internet marketing or an e-course or e-book covering a topic people search for and want answers to!
For an AFFILIATE MARKETER - do evergreen blog content LIFETIME COOKIE PRODUCTS as a MUST.

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