How Do I Make Money Online? Warning

Internet Marketing Millionare Gurus Promoting Expensive Courses

Everyday, millions of people are searching that question in Google. Are you also one of these people?

Do you feel confused?

Are you a little envious or totally enticed by the hundreds of websites results in Google/ You tube all showing answers in the form of flashy sports car, large mansions and a holiday lifestyle?

Apparently, it can be yours via marketing online about marketing online and doing internet marketing(?)
Well, welcome to the shady world of internet marketing!

Talk about confusing. These so called “Internet Marketing Gurus”, claim to know everything and will reveal all you need to ever know to suceed and be like them, if you join their exclusive course. However, you will have to pay them between £1,000-£10,000 for the privilege.

Here is the thing though, these guys are the ones who can afford to pay for ads to get to the top of Google results because they know they can then make a lot of money.

They are offering their techniques and strategies for inflationary prices and that is they only reason they make so much money and are internet millionaires driving around in a ferrai!

Another trick, is these so called experts will also offer extremely attractive commission rates to their army of affiliates who do a lot of their work for them. By that we mean populating the entire internet universe with links back to their sales pages!

Do no get hypnotised by their spiel and promises.

Unfortunately, the demand for the answers on “How to Make Money Online” are so huge, that the gurus can justify and get away with this.

As long as people buy into it, either out of desperation or a keen desire to become like them, an internet millionaire. They sure can get away with this sneaky scam.

These gurus are selling a dream, and a lifestyle however what they teach can easily be obtained by searching the internet yourself! The problem really comes down to people not knowing what to search as the popular keywords “How to make money online” tend to be dominated by these people (again because they can afford it when they get enough people clicking on their ads and buying their courses).

And the other reason people are clicking the affiliate links from their army of affiliates. So, sadly thats why so many people click, get sucked in and then get duped.

Now that we cleared that up, hopefully you will be wiser to this tactic.

Please don’t be one of those people who are struggling to make sense of all the rubbish out there and then sign up to a course costing from $500+ seriously its not worth it. The information is more often than not already out there on the internet if you look deeper and smarter. I guess when people don’t have a compass in this vast make money online landscape, they can fall into that trap. That isn’t the only trap either.

There is another one which we call the deep rabbit hole one!

These people on the otherhand, don’t want to spend a single dime (let alone part with hundreds or thousands) and want everything for free. They end up being sad statistics that spend days, weeks, months, years reading stuff that takes them nowhere (whilst also being one of those hundreds of millions of people who cut and paste affiliate links for the gurus everywhere without a strategy) and end up frustrated about absolutely making no progress and not becoming rich!

Well, we have great news as you do not need to waste any more money or time hitting brick walls and searching for hours and hours through thousands upon thousands of google results to get the elusive answers. We should rephrase answers, to the secrets that nobody ever wants to give away directly before they have sold you a ton of products first!

What I have just described, is essentially is one of the secrets already of internet marketing – make money online niche! its’ all about the secrets and being elusive.  The whole pitch is about selling you the secrets and its all about the skillful packaging of those secrets into a product. And as we have discovered those secrets are not really secrets.

Just being honest…

So thats our word of warning and advice. NOW if you want to know the ways you can really make money online, you need to read this post. 4 Ways to Make Money online

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